Workforce Solutions

Better staffing efficiencies and improved interview-to-hire ratios.

Cross Country Staffing can optimize the cost of your existing internal staff by performing some or all of the interviewing processes needed to onboard supplemental clinical staff. This front-end process of talent acquisition can be time consuming, yet it's very necessary. By allowing your full-time resources to be focused on other key initiatives, you get greater cost management over the hiring process. Additionally, we can perform a variety of other onboarding tasks like: credentialing, facilities clearance and first-day job orientation.

Cross Country Staffing has an entire team of tenured Registered Nurses who serve in the roles of Clinical Liaisons and Interview Services (IVS) Managers. This elite team of professionals was created to offer our clients a more hands-on knowledge base for their clinical onboarding needs. A member of this team can work on-site or off-site with unit and floor managers to understand the characteristics of the department and facility.

Each member of our Clinical Leadership team is credentialed in the behavioral interviewing processes. This technique for interviewing candidates seeks out responses that will ensure the "right fit." Your organization can rely on us to onboard only the clinicians who meet your specific requirements.

By considering our IVS team as an extension of your staff, your organization will benefit from improved interview-to-hire ratios as well as extensive credential review before ever being considered for placement. Implementing our IVS service will free up countless permanent resources for your organization. This will ultimately improve efficiencies and manage costs.