Workforce Solutions

Achieve a collaborative scheduling and staffing model with your internal staff.

Understanding the challenge to manage costs while meeting patient/staff ratios and maintaining a high level of quality care puts Cross Country Staffing at the forefront of the healthcare staffing industry. We understand that many organizations today rely on their internal flexible staffing pools to manage their workforce, or would like to begin to self-perform in this aspect. Cross Country Staffing will work with you to devise a staffing plan to develop an Internal Resource Pool (IRP) that is unique to your environment. This will enable your organization to further reduce cost of filling vacancies by leveraging and deploying resources already within your organization and/or between the hospital and system.

By working with Cross Country Staffing to deploy an Internal Resource Pool (IRP), you will be taking a key step in reducing the overall premium labor while ensuring a continual flow of qualified candidates. An IRP is a key component of a collaborative scheduling and staffing model with your internal staff to reduce the use of outside agency use. By allowing us to manage the recruitment of your internal workforce, your organization will yield favorable and measurable results, including:

Cross Country Staffing will perform a complete diagnostic assessment before implementing an IRP. This process will:

We then work collaboratively with your organization to establish an operational plan that will: