Workforce Solutions

Cross Country Staffing's Predictive Labor Management provides optimization of labor costs, delivering hard dollar savings.

Clinical workforce represents the largest labor cost in the acute healthcare environment, and the single most important patient touch point to drive HCAHPS scores. With Cross Country Staffing's Predictive Labor Management, we are uniquely positioned to partner with hospitals and healthcare organizations to optimize total labor spend, maintain and improve HCAHPS scores and supplement core staff with contingent staffing guarantees.

We bring the first contracted commitment to outcomes by offering service level agreements tied to hard dollar savings. By using our innovative predictive modeling tool, we offer labor cost management without having to endanger the level of quality to have adequate staff-to-patient ratios.

Our new service includes an innovative predictive modeling tool designed to identify patterns in census and labor data while enabling decision rules for more efficient operations. It also analyzes the demand patterns to recognize future volume, relative to planned resources.

Cross Country Staffing's Predictive Labor Management is distinctive to other consulting services and tools because we go beyond the analytics to offer end-to-end solutions. Once the analysis is complete, Cross Country Staffing will provide recommendations for the right workforce solution to deliver the hard dollar savings. From there, we will support the implementation of the workforce solution in the healthcare organization to attain the proper clinical labor cost savings.

This tool is designed to provide hard dollar clinical labor cost savings:




To learn more about how Cross Country Staffing's new and innovative Predictive Labor Management service can drive hard dollar savings for your healthcare organization, please call us at 800.873.9182.