Workforce Solutions

A true partner in every stage of your staffing lifecycle.

Cross Country Staffing offers an in-depth examination of your current staffing plan. Utilizing our staff of clinical professionals and business analysts, we will perform a thorough evaluation of your requirements. We will then develop a strategy and make recommendations that will deliver long-term results.

We have industry-leading experience in executing transitional plans and maintaining the integrity of our clients' long-term organizational goals and requirements. A key aspect of providing the most impactful solution, maximizing both quality and efficiency, is front-end data benchmarking, current contract review, and thorough process documentation.

Cross Country Staffing firmly believes that an effective solution is not “one size fits all,” and instead must be fully customized to each client. To that end, we will, at no cost to you, deploy a team to capture current utilization, review historical data and clearly recognize your overall goals. A comprehensive written assessment will then be delivered.

At a high level, this risk-free assessment includes:

By working one-on-one with unit and floor managers, we will work to understand the departmental strengths and challenges. Once this process is complete you will gain added confidence in knowing that we conduct extensive credential reviews prior to any assignment start date. In addition, we offer a reliable, consistent and parallel assessment of competence with cognitive testing in over 25 specialty areas.

Cross Country Staffing's workforce assessment will also allow your organization to develop a customized orientation and onboarding education which will be performed pre-arrival to reduce your on-site training by up to 20 hours. This value-added service takes your local content and blends it with our broad accreditation and regulatory menu, including recent hot button items such as HCAHPS (CMS) and Population Served (TJC). Overall, this will save your organization time, resources and costs affiliated with using your permanent staff to onboard supplemental healthcare professionals.